Space Cannon features primitive representations of the tallest building in the world and the highest mountain in the world to scale next to each other for comparison with the thickness of our atmosphere, crust and the depth of our ocean for comparison. The idea of this is to give the players a sense of scale and size of objects on our world and within it.


The full version of Spacegun will also have accurate simulation of atmospheric drag on the projectile as it flies through the atmosphere.

The Earth-Moon barycenter is marked as a small white circle in the Earth. The colored circle cutting through the barycenter marker is the Improved Euler path prediction of Earth’s wobble due to the moon’s pull.

Below: The large white circle is a perfect circle marking the average distance between the Moon and the Earth. The colored circle illustrates Euler’s elliptical prediction of the Moon’s path around the Barycenter.



























Improved Euler has also been able to predict a near stable elliptical orbit of the Moon around the Earth-Moon barycenter.

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